Corporate Social Responsibility

Man Down Duress alarms – SafeTCard is a Socially Responsible Company, In keeping with our commitment to being a Community Based Safety Solution & Socially Responsible Company and giving back to the community – Man Down Duress alarms – SafeTCard have created Our Community Support Donations Initiative Program.

It is our commitment to be a corporate social responsible Company and help the larger cause and be responsible to do our part to penetrate the deeper roots of a total and holistic solution to Community and social problems in the Target markets where the Man Down Duress alarms – SafeTCard Identicom Device is being used.


Man Down Duress alarms – SafeTCard donate a percentage of all National Sales to charity organisations involved in our Community Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Call today to find out how we can help your charity by not only protecting your Front line field workers but being involved with our Corporate Social Responsible Community Support program.