Duress Alarm

Pledging Emergency Service to High Risk Workers

Man Down Duress Alarms dedicates its intuitive innovations to workers operating in a vulnerable environment. Taking cognizance of the importance to cater to the well being of lone workers, our professionals have endeavored to endow organizations with avante garde alarm systems.
Supported by best in class GPS tracking mechanism and round the clock security monitoring format, SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms Personal Safety Solution serves as the very first aid during an emergency.
Partnering with Instant Monitoring System – the largest privately owned & certified A grade monitoring station in Australia, we have created a bridge for our devoted Duress Alarm government and private clients across Australia. Our service map offers coverage to Thursday Island, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, New South Wales and more.
Our pivotal aim is to focus on optimizing safety while enhancing productivity in a safe functional ecosystem. A robust security cover with clearly etched substantial benefits from the employers end undoubtedly encourages the risk taking spirit of lone workers.
With a whooping average of 1.20.000 Duress Alarms in circulation globally, we are growing by the day by the dint of our intelligent and responsive creation and flawless customer service.