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SafeTCard High Risk / Lone Worker Alarm - Features and Benefits

Identicom “SafeTCard” can be configured for use in many different applications.  The following is a list of key features and benefits that Identicom “SafeTCard” can help provide.
  • Unique ID card format ensures Identicom “SafeTCard” is always with the worker and within immediate reach.
  • Discreet activation ensures the worker is not putting themselves at any further risk or danger.
  • Discreet activation ensures an open voice call from Identicom “SafeTCard” can help capture verbal abuse as well as identify potential issues of physical abuse.
  • Automatic alerting in case of injury or incapacity to the user.
  • One button activation of multiple escalation actions (i.e. voice call and multiple text messages)
  • Unique ‘Stop and Check’ function ensures the worker verifies their ability to raise an alarm before entering a potentially hazardous situation.
  • An ability to pre-record useful information before a visit is made, Identicom “SafeTCard” can then operate on a timer mechanism.  Failure to respond to the timer will initiate an alert status.
  • Lanyard ‘Rip Alarm’ ensures that the device enters an alert status if it is forcibly removed from the wearer.
  • All industry sized ID cards can be accommodated, simply slide in/out from the side.
  • Quad band technology means Identicom “SafeTCard” will operate in any area where GSM Networks exist.
  • Can be integrated fully with the Mobile WorkForce Management Platform (MWMP) to provide a comprehensive resource for lone worker management.


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Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 102 x 72 x 12mm
  • Overall weight: 78 grams (approx, incl lanyard)
  • Operating temperature range: +10C to +410C
  • Operating humidity range: 0 – 95% non-condensing
  • Man Down Detection: tilt, non-movement and impact
  • Battery life – standby:60 hours (estimated)
  • Battery life – talk time: 2 hours (estimated)
  • Case material: ABS plastic (silicon outer housing)