24/7 Monitoring – GPS Duress Alarm

GPS Duress Alarm – is a MUST


The well being and security of a worker matters a lot, without which there is no confirmation of life. While a person is at work, the well-being and security of a person are many times important at all points of time. People who travel for the sake of work need a decent measure of security with the modern day GPS  Duress Alarm System that are accessible to guarantee. GPS tracking systems ensure better security amid the season of their travel. Work becomes enjoyable and drives away the fear of being insecure, while at work.

24/7 Security Monitoring for Lone, isolated and high Workers

A key component of the SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms Personal Safety Solution and the leading Lone – isolated – high risk worker emergency Man down Duress Alarm is the 24/7 Monitoring supplied by the Our Dedicated SafeTCard Alarm Receiving Centre and Partners and the professionally trained Staff. The centre is Graded by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association) ensuring the most reliable monitoring possible for your lone workers.  The Instant Alarms SafeTCard Monitoring Centre is of the Highest Grading available in Australia.


SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms Australia Pty Ltd with the award winning SafetCard identicom Lone/isolated – High risk Worker and High risk Individaul Safety Emergency GPS Duress Device Solution have partnered with Instant Monitoring centre, QUEENSLAND’S ONLY and one of Australia’s largest PRIVATELY OWNED & CERTIFIED GRADE A1 MONITORING STATION, Monitoring Our SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms Clients, Government and Private Australia wide, from Thursday Island to Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, New South Wales and all area’s of Australia.  We monitor all of Our Clients Australia Wide from, This state of the Art Monitoring Centre.  SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms Lone – isolated and high risk Worker and individual Safety Solution Australia, look  after clients all over Australia in all industries Government and Non Government.

Find our why SafeTCard identicom Man Down Duress Alarms is the number one choice in Australia and over 120,000 Devices in use global.

Man Down Duress Alarm

Instant Security Alarms success can be directly related to our superior Monitoring Service that is carried out from our own STATE-OF-THE-ART CONTROL STATION. You can have confidence in knowing that your SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms Lone worker, remote or high risk worker safety device is backed up by our Brisbane Based Monitoring Centre and that our Control Station complies with ASIAL “Australian Standard 2201.2-2004” for Monitoring Centres. This standard ensures that all SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms activations whether being a low or high priority are responded to within the required time frame. Regular independent audits are carried out to ensure that these strict guidelines are being met which means the customer will receive the highest level of Monitoring Services at all times.  SafeTCard  Man Down Duress Alarms already monitor the clients with the most highest Security levels for Government Privacy Laws and Requirements and many High risk individuals for Family Violence.

SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms Clients will experience a service like no other monitoring centre, with highly trained, professional, Empathetic Operators, that will devote all their time for your situation, that have many years experience dealing with High Risk, High priority, that will devote all their time and experience to your personal situation.  SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms Australia and Instant Monitoring centre have direct communication with all emergency services Australia wide and have built up a personal relationship Australia wide so the SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms device is recognised on a national basis.

The SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms is a 100% verified Duress Alarm, Verified by Voice/Audio and GPS. This is Great for you, as you will receive a quicker response from the emergency services and Great for emergency services as SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms are not congesting the Police and emergency resources with False alarms, as they receive from many other devices.

With 24/7 Monitoring available, any SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms Lone, isolated, remote high risk Worker or high risk individual, situations can be monitored, through a One-way or two way audio link, GPS Location or Tracking GPS and GEO Fencing and many other applications to our highly professionally trained staff, immediately identifying the location and Measuring Escalating voice and dispatching assistance as per your per-determined requirements and emergency contact and escalation procedure designed by the client.

SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms Lone Worker Solution knows, It is widely appreciated that the use of a mobile phone, in a situation where there is threat of abuse or attack, is not only difficult, the shear movement of trying to locate the phone can often inflame the situation, putting the employee at increased risk.

Disguised as an ID card holder, the SafeTCard Man Down Duress Alarms unit device is the only product on the market, that truly addresses the guidelines on public alarms by providing discreet dual verification in a dedicated purpose identification unit, Alerting an operator and Opening a one way voice call such that a monitoring operator is able to assess the situation and can take appropriate and proportionate action. The Man Down Duress Alarms can be activated with out breaking eye contact so you keep in total control of the situation at hand.

In the event of a lone, isolated or high risk worker or High Risk Individual activating a ‘Red Alert’, the Man Down Duress Alarms will telephone the monitoring centre where our staff will assess the situation, record the audio and escalate for the lone worker.  We can also see GPS Location and GPS Bread crumb tracking to locate anyone in need of Emergency Help.

The Man Down Duress Alarms :

The product has won the best Product of the year 2010 At Sydney in the ASIAL Show and the Comments below by the 3 Judges, The most innovative product in the world and just one the most innovative product at the Queensland Safety Show 2015

  • Innovation- considering how unique the product is ,its origionality and whether it is something the industry will genuinely benefit from?
  • Functionality- how easy the product is to use(or apply),as well as what it is able to integrate with in the current marketplace
  • Application–How likely is it to be pratically applied in the market palce,that is,what is the likely uptake of the product?
  • Cost is the cost of the purchase, operation or lease value for money?
79 Applications for best new product were submitted and the SafeTcard was the unanimous winner selected by 3  independent Judges, who made the following comments

Jason Brown

The National Security Director for Thales in Australia and Chair of the Australasian council of Security Professionals(ACSP), made the point that it was the type  of product that would help him sleep better at night.knowing that the situation and safety his deployed thales and Contracted staff could readily determined and their whearabouts located should they be at risk.Jason has over 30 Years experience in Government and Corporate Security and sits on the Australia’s National Centre for Security Standards.

Julian Claxton

The Ceo Of Jayde Consulting, an International Security Consulting Firm, commented that this the type of Capability was one he could recommend to his Clients who put duty of care and the security of personnel at a premium.Julian is a leading expert in electronics securityand leads the Government Advisory Board for the ACSP and is chairman of building Services Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA-Security Division)

David Crossley

who leads the future risk team as Managing Director,saw it an ideal product to reduce the risk to people in enviroments ranging from Hospitals Prisons and from late at night to remote areas deployments.

David David Crossley is one of Australia’s leading advisors on Risk,Security,Buisness Continuity and crisis Management with over Twenty Five years experience.He has worked with Public Sector groups such as the Sydney Organizing Committee to the Olympic Games (SOCOG) and continues to work with state Transit Authority and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade AUSAID.

The GSS monitoring centre is equipped with the following:

  • Redundancy of power supply, so if power is out, our monitoring room is still fully functional;
  • Redundancy of telephony providers, so if one set of lines go down, one of the other 2 providers kicks in;
  • Redundant computer servers, so all data is backed up;
  • Links with other graded control rooms for unusually busy periods;
  • Climate control to keep staff comfortable, ensuring a full state of alertness;
  • Bomb-proof to a height of 2 metres, so an explosion will not disable the facility