The dedicated device for lone workers:

The dedicated device for lone workers:
Every SafeTCard Personal Safety Solution featuresIdenticom – the unique and award-winning lone worker device styled like an identity card holder. Easy to wear and discreet to use, Identicom allows a SafeTCard user to dynamically assess risk, to capture audio evidence through a live link to 24/7 monitoring, and to receive assistance if faced with verbal abuse, attack or if ‘Man Down’.

Originally developed in the United Kingdom by Connexion2, Identicom continues to be approved by UK Police (ACPO’s Secured By Design Accreditation) due it’s form-factor and ease of use.


Raise the alarm through the 'Red Alert' function

Raise the alarm through the 'Red Alert' function

The key function is the ability to discreetly raise an alarm (‘Red Alert’ function) through pressing a button on the rear of the unit, prompting the Identicom to make a telephone call to 24/7 monitoring provided by GSS Asset Management. The call is then monitored by a dedicated operator, the audio is recorded for future use should it be required as admissible evidence for court proceedings, and then escalated in line with the required response for that lone worker. This might range from a telephone call to a user or a lone worker manager to discuss the current alert; right up to a call to the Police should it be required. A ‘Red Alert’ can also be raised automatically through the Rip-Alarm feature should Identicom be removed from wear by a user forcibly.

Status Check

Each Identicom lone worker device has a ‘Status Check’ that forms part of a lone workers dynamic risk assessment and gives a user visual feedback (through flashing LED’s) on the strength of network signal, GPS coverage (if a GPS enabled device) and battery-life on the device at a given moment in time. This helps further equip a worker to make a decision as to whether they should enter a premises or situation.

Amber Alert

The ‘Amber Alert’ function, again through the push of a button on the device, allows a lone worker to leave a short (typically 15-20 seconds) voice-message through the unit outlining any contextual information about the situation they are entering i.e. name, location, activity and any apparent risk. This information should be left anytime a lone worker does anything new or when entering an ‘at risk’ environment; as this information is only accessed by operators at the control centre in the event of a ‘Red Alert’ it is important that it is kept up to date. Information provided through the ‘Amber Alert’ is vital should there be a subsequent ‘Red Alert’ situation.

'Man Down' Person Down

If you have a ‘Man Down’ enabled identicom your SafeTCard Solution can operate automatically in the event you become incapacitated due to illness, or a trip, slip or fall. If identicom tilts from the vertical by 70° and in combination is motionless for a definable time period it enters a ‘pre-alarm phase’. If no movement is subsequently detected, again for a definable time period, a ‘Red Alert’ will open automatically and the monitring centre will be called to assess the incident directly.

SafeTCard SafeTCard Identicom devices with GPS functionality allow additional protection and peace of mind for lone workers and employers alike. GPS is more suited to the requirements of some lone workers than others – that’s why some devices within the range allow configuration to communicate their location data only during a ‘Red Alert’ situation.

GPS configuration can also be set up to include integration with , a secure online portal allowing a range of business benefits through a better deployment of mobile workers aided by location data availability.

Connexion2’s audit against BS8484: 2011 ensures that any location data is stored within an ISO 27001 approved environment.

If you have any questions about the Identicom lone worker device or how it operates as part of aSafeTCard Personal Safety Solution please contact us as per the details below.

Identicom® is a registered trademark of Connexion 2 Limited.