Lone Worker Solutions

Unconditionally Serving the Cause of Lone Workers with Promising Innovations

Ranging from GPS integrated location tracking application, panic alarms, work-alone sensors, responsive rescue enforcements to basic communication tools- we offer it all.

Our Mobile Workforce Management Emergency Monitoring Solutions serves as a promising solution for lone workers at risk. Man down situations include simple tripping or slipping on an wet floor or electrical cord, as well as, extreme situations like getting crushed by machines at work. Man Down can happen due to natural causes too- health related issues born out of excessive heat exposure, attack by animals while working in remote belts or due to chronic illnesses.

Our Lone Worker Solutions extend support during crisis in the following ways:

  • Identicom- an intuitive product links to 24/7 monitoring when needed
  • Alarm receiving centre reviews and captures audio
  • Lone worker receives apt response
  • Employer notified and updated
  • Help sent


The unfathomable risks lone workers undertake to serve us is beyond comprehension of many. Days on end they work incessantly braving all odds to complete the responsibility duly allocated by an organization they pledge to devote their diligence to.

Besides commendable ovation, their effort deserve acknowledgement not only in terms of lucrative remunerations but also in ways that encapsulates humanitarian aspects like safety and security.

The federal government of Australia has laid down stringent regulations for organizations hiring lone workers, which, besides including ample compensation for mishaps, speaks strongly of adopting measures to avoid glitches in the first place.

That is exactly where Man-Down Duress Alarms steps in with its compelling innovations.  Blending technical prowess with insightful intent, we have been serving the security sector for years now.

Our government accredited products ensure organizations of a full proof and risk free ecosystem for seamless performance of lone workers, saving potential hazards from maligning its reputation.