Man Down Alarm Solution

SafeTCard is the ‘bench mark’ and the only Australia Approved BS8484 Lone worker Man Down and also most widely used Man Down Alarm Solution for individuals and lone workers remote and high risk workers in Australia.

How to reduce environmental risk to staff or individuals from ‘Man Down’? or ‘Person Down’  with the Award winning most widely used,

SafeTCard Man Down safety alarm Solution

A lone / isolated / remote or high risk worker carrying out any activity out of sight of worker or in a remote or location can potentially be at risk of becoming ‘Man Down’ or “Person Down” – or individual at risk this is where a person is incapacitated either through injury or due to an unknown health issue or could just slip, trip, fall or be tackled to the ground.

Working alone or in isolated environments is often associated with risks that are posed by interacting with other people as part of a job role

Many Industries have very high risk or Man Down situations and a potential Man Down, Person Down could be as simple as slipping on a wet floor, or Tripping on an Electrical cord or loose mat or exposed object, but they could be as bad as a working being Crushed by machinery or a box dropping on them or heart attack or other health related problems such as Heat exposure and Snake bites especially in Australia.

The Award winning SafeTCard Person Down/Man Down alarm is 100% pre- programmable to suit any application.  Most Man down products on the market have only one angle and instantly alarms. This causes constant False alarms, and the user gets annoyed and frustrated, this is a costly exercise for Companies and organizations as incidents are occurring and the duress button is not in hands reach or even being carried by the user, creating potential litigation and fines for the company.  Companies are choosing to replace these devices with the SafeTCard Identicom.  SafeTCard replace many Duress Button pendants every week. The SafeTCard is the only Lone worker, isolated worker high risk worker and individual Emergency duress and evidence data collection device that you can program the Angle of the person/man down alarm and the time before going into another pre-warning of vibrations, before the actual alarm.  This intelligent 3 technology warning system cuts out any potential False alarm, reassuring the wearer and the business that the SafeTCard Identicom is 100% reliable and it will work every time only in a real time situation. This has given 1000’s of business the peace of mind by their duty of care

Live One or Two Way voice and audio – In the event of an Red Alert Man Down Alarm be it from the Grab alarm, Impact alarm, Person/Man down alarm the SafeTCard will give a GPS Location and then open up a Live Voice channel where our operators are highly trained to listen to any situation and respond in accordance to the emergency procedure and escalation process that your company has designed for each individual person or SafeTCard device or group of devices.

Eg: John is trapped and has crushed is leg in the side of the road.

The SafeTCard Man down alarm is automatically activated after 25 seconds, the SafeTCard Gives a GPS Location and opens up the Live Voice/Audio Line to their 24 Hour SafeTCard Monitoring Centre. The operators can hear John Screaming (or do voice at all)  The operators can talk to John and Calm the Patient,  “Ok John This is  Mark from SafeTCard Emergency Monitoring and response team, we know you in pain, try and relax, remember to breath, we have contacted the Ambulance, we have also contacted you works manager and have advised your office, we have the Ambulance on the line and they are saying they are 7 mins from your GPS Location, Can you describe to the ambulance the injury.”

The SafeTCard Identicom Man down safety alarm device is the only device on the market with over 15 features all in the one device so you do not have to have multiple devices or different systems in place. One of these features is these features is theAmbient temperature  Alarm that can be programmed if a worker is in the heat working to long or in a cold room to long it will create an alarm and notify the worker and emergency contact list via the live monitoring Room.

Man Down:

A SafeTCard ‘Man Down’ ‘Red Alert’ is raised automatically should a SafeTCard Identicom wearer be incapacitated due to an unknown health problem or a trip, slip or fall. All 8 Series and selective 7 Series Identicom models have Man Down functionality built into the device – if a device is stationary for a definable time period and is also tilted through 75 degrees or what every your pre-programmed angle and time is (standard configuration setting) in combination, an automatic ‘Red Alert’ will be opened.

Prior to a ‘Man Down’ ‘Red Alert’ being opened, the unit will enter a pre-alarm phase where the Identicom will begin vibrating to alert a wearer that prompt action is required unless this is a genuine alarm situation.

However risks due to a particular environment (often combined with an activity) can also lead to injury, incapacitation or the death of a lone worker.

Slips, Trips and falls are a major concern across Australia industry and cost an estimated $60 billion dollars and growing.

The total economic cost of work-related injuries and illnesses for the 2008–09 financial year is estimated to be $60.6 billion dollars, representing 4.8 per cent of GDP for the 2008–09 financial year. Significant methodological revisions have occurred between the publishing of the 2005-06 estimate and the current estimate.  These have been a re-evaluation of the number of permanent cases and additional work on estimating the extent of disease morbidity due to occupational causes.  For these reasons, the current estimate should not be compared with the previous estimates in this series.

The Cost of Work-related Injury and Illness for Australian Employers, Workers and the Community 2008–09

The Cost of Work-related Injury and Illness for Australian Employers, Workers and the Community 2005–06

The Cost of Work-related Injury and Illness for Australian Employers, Workers and the Community 2000–01

In Australia major non-fatal slip/trip accidents have resulted in a staff absence of over three days.

An Identicom SafeTCard unit equipped with automatic ‘Man Down’ allows a user to automatically receive monitoring and assistance in the event of them being unable to open a red alert manually. If a unit is motionless for a defined period of time and tilted through 75 degrees, the process of opening an automatic ‘Red Alert’ (the opening of a live audio link to 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre) begins.  The SafeTCard Unit is 100% pre – programmable we can change the angle or the time before it goes into another Pre- warning, cutting out any potential False alarms from many units that just have an inactivity alarm or shake the device or a sudden Drop and fall.

‘Feedback from over Thousands of clients is very similar.  They have replaced the an existing system with the SafeTCard due to may false alarms and now there workers are very comfortable wearing the SafeTCard MAN DOWN Duress alarm Solution.’

This allows any lone worker incapacitated by a trip, slip, fall or other underlying health problems, that are unable to get the necessary assistance through a manual alert as soon as possible through automatic detection. A typical alarm (Red Alert) raised through the device will be raised manually through the push of a button on Identicom. In a Man Down situation the alarm is raised automatically- it is the same audio connection through to 24/7 monitoring however. Operators at the Alarm Receiving Centre are able to distinguish between a manually raised and ‘Man Down’ Red Alert and will tailor the response accordingly.

In 2012 Connexion2 launched the Identicom 8 Series range featuring a range of new functionality giving more comprehensive lone worker protection. SafeTCard Identicom is the most widely used dedicated lone worker device with over 100,000 units in circulation. 8 Series devices feature updated GPS performance, two-way audio capability and a camera (877c only).

Work-related Traumatic Injury Fatalities

These annual reports provide details on the number of people who have died in Australia from work-related injuries, including those that occurred while travelling to and from work and bystanders killed as a result of another person’s work activity. These reports are based on information from a number of sources: workers’ compensation data, coronial information, notified fatalities and the media. Data are constantly reviewed and estimates may increase as more information comes to hand to identify a death as work-related. Time series information should therefore only be accessed from the latest report.

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