Mobile Workforce Management Platform mwmp

Mobile WorkForce Management Platform (MWMP)

Identicom SafeTCard Mobile Workforce Management Platform

SafeTCard Identicom is the leading lone worker and personal safety solution, encompassing a fully managed service for your lone workers and individual personnel. Lone working affects staff at every level of an organisation, and as such solutions through SafeTCard provide a bespoke and simple way to educate, safeguard and involve lone workers and individuals, and other internal or external stakeholders such as the police.

SafeTCard Connexion2 Mobile Workforce Management Platform (MWMP) was launched in May 2010 and provides a range of new options and benefits for the coordination of lone workers – both for those responsible for large teams of staff down to the management of an individual working alone in the community. The platform provides greater safety benefits to the worker, and proves a powerful tool to a lone worker manager due to the ability to access comprehensive location data on individuals through GPS and GPRS technology. The platform is a comprehensive resource for lone worker management.

Providing 100% Business And Staff Management Continuity – Increasing Business Profits, through Eletronic Employee efficiency

Integration with SafeTCard Identicom

Many lone workers now record the output of work activities via a personally issued or pooled digital camera supplied by their employer.  SafeTCard affords a lone worker or individual the ability to carry a single piece of equipment that is on their person, and easily accessible at all times. Deploying devices could enable your staff to reduce the number of items they carry daily.

Photographs captured on the device do not need to be uploaded at a later date as they are automatically delivered to a client’s Mobile Workforce Management Platform and on to Police and other emergency Response as determined in the Emergency Contact procedure. The 877c also retains the two-way audio functionality that enables a user to make audio-calls through the Multi-function buttons on the front of the device to 3 pre-nominated phone numbers (a non-alarm function).

Usage of the device may also enable cost savings to be made where the sourcing of other equipment – digital cameras and mobile phones – can potentially be reduced or removed

SafeTCard Retains its key Functionality as a dedicated lone worker and Individual Protection device First and Foremost. It is designed for use as a part of a lone workers Dynamic Risk Assessment, and is a direct link to 24/7 Alarm Monitoring when required.

The SafeTCard device affords discreet protection, one or two-way communication and visual and audio evidence capture during a “Red Alert”.

Google maps and user positioning

The platform is provided through a Google Maps style interface in the main with three quarters of the page being made up of a map with traditional viewing functions including zooming in and out, the ability to pan around different locations, and the ability to view in a range of map formats including terrain, satellite, and ‘Street View’ (where the option is provided in line with a location) among others. The Street View function is available across all countries where this feature is currently supported by Google maps. The remaining quarter of the page is assigned to list the various devices making up that particular group of lone workers. The respective locations of the lone workers in the group are overlaid on the map. What are the Key Benefits of MWMP



The platform offers a lone worker manager a variety of comprehensive features and benefits specifically designed to improve communications and efficiencies through a variety of means.

1. See a “breadcrumb trail” of user’s movement

View a breadcrumb trail of user movement

A lone worker manager can see a user’s movement course and direction by clicking on the specific user and selecting the breadcrumb button.


2. View a user location at “Street View” Level.

View a user location in ‘Street View’

The platform integrates with a Google Maps style interface and as such utilises all the key features of the latter including ‘Street View’.


3. Access information on how fast a user is traveling

View the speed at which a user is traveling

The platform also allows a lone worker manager to view speeds being travelled at. Something to help drive the management of business efficiencies.


4. Create Geo-fences around a variety of locations and receive updates through a range of definable alerts

Create Geo-fences, Rules and Alerts

Create Geo-fences of any shape, in any number around key business locations to assess movement through such gated areas.

Further example of the how locations set-up and Geo-fence creation is utilised.


5. Create Bespoke reports to help ease reporting function.

Create reports on lone worker groups

The platform also enables the creation of a range of reports totally definable by the lone worker manager. This can be accessed at multiple levels in the business in line with permissions whether it be worker, manager, senior manager or director level.


6. Create any number of assets and staff groupongs

Create assets and staff groupings

Create a range of users, and groups that reflect the set up of your organisational structure and management responsibilities.


7. Send text messages to staff groups quickly and efficiently

Send text messages to team members

Need to communicate quickly with multiple users?

Facilitate a one-to-one or one-to-many communication stream through sending text messages to users/groups to share information out quickly and efficiently.


8. Re-deploy resources based on who is closet to a location.

Re-deploy resources based on assets closest to a location

Need to re-deploy a lone worker? Enter a location by name or grid reference and find out which member of your team is closest to it. Save time and resources.