Our History

 SafetCard Australia

SafeTCard Australia was formed with the amalgamation of minds with over 85 Years’ experience in Electronic Security and Lone worker, remote worker, isolated worker, high risk worker and high risk Individual’s Safety solution’s and one common goal from a committed family to help minimize deaths, accidents, abuse and assault of employees and Individuals at risk and the foresight, of Mr Bob Hoult the Managing Director into the Growing Market of Lone – Isolated – Remote & High risk workers and individuals at Risk. SafeTCard Identicom is clearly the leading provider and bench mark in Personal GPS, Duress and Man down only Australian BS8484 Approved alarm solution Devices.  SafeTCard Identicom along with saving many lives, is helping the productivity of organisations, staff management, Duty of Care and business continuity of all Companies & Business and also helping reduce cost of litigation and compensation.

SafeTCard Mission Statement Reads:

‘To offer Companies, business and individuals alike the most comprehensive technology available and continue to be the leading provider and bench mark in technology and holistic Safety, Emergency Duress GPS, Man down solution incorporating Mobile Workforce Management for business and staff continuity for Lone – Isolated & High Risk Workers and High risk individuals, to help companies, business,  Reduce Costs of Extra staff or potential Litigation and valuable in Satisfying, companies and or Clients Duty of care to Lone workers, isolated workers and High Risk working employees and offering the best Safety solution for individuals at risk’

Alert Today Alive Tomorrow

Connexion2 was established in 2003 with the aim of improving the safety and the productivity of lone workers. Since that time the industry has changed considerably, the founding objectives of Connexion2 remain the same however.

Our Mission Statement reads:

‘Connexion2 aims to maintain its position as the leading UK provider of compelling technology solutions and associated services that improve the safety and productivity of lone workers. We will do this by building on our core competence in designing innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions and services that deliver clear benefits to the workforce, their employers and other associated stakeholders’

The company values of Connexion2:

The company is based in Sheffield UK, but services partners and customers based all over the world across a wide range of market sectors, which is testament to a diverse offering of flexible products and bespoke solutions.When attending a Suzy Lamplugh Trust event in 2002 Craig Swallow (Managing Director of Connexion2), surveyed a room of people engrossed in lone worker safety, all of whom were wearing identity badges as part of entry to the show.

It struck him that a mobile communications device with a discreet form-factor such as this would be a useful device for use by lone workers.

This idea later became Identicom, a discreet lone worker device utilising GSM technology (Global System for Mobile Communications) that is styled as an Identity card holder allowing a user to raise an alarm to obtain help in the event of abuse, attack, a Man Down situation or to be located via GPS (Global Positioning System). This idea became the platform upon which Connexion2 was launched.

To this day much of what Connexion2 does is very much linked to Identicom; however we appreciate that lone worker safety is a diverse topic with more to consider than just the specifics of a device-based solution. Lone worker policy, conducting dynamic risk assessments and effective training (for lone workers and their managers) are all important when it comes to meeting your duty of care to staff.

Connexion2 continues to deliver solutions that are tailored to their user, simple to use, effective in their operation and designed to empower lone workers and an organisation to operate with total peace of mind. We also work with a number of credible partners to help deliver the right solution and support for your business.

In May 2013 Connexion2 was acquired by Kings III of America Inc. in a strategic move to supply class-leading, lone worker solutions globally.