The Man down Duress Alarm SafeTCard lone / isolated / High risk worker and individual safety solution is a the most comprehensive way to protect your staff/workers and individual safety if you are worried about personal attack. Created to give employers in Australia effective means to meet their duty of care as well as to improve the safety and productivity of the lone workers they employ, a Man down Duress Alarm SafeTCard solution is the first line of assistance should a lone worker require it – ether through their safety being compromised, or if they simply require monitoring for a period of time because of a perceived risk.

The SafeTCard Personal Safety Solution is managed for you so it is easy to implement, administer and amend in line with the needs of your organisation.

Utilizing the Man down Duress Alarm SafeTCard Identicom lone worker device, the Man down Duress SafeTCard lone worker alarm is always within reach due a unique form factor and discreet operation capability. A lone worker can use as the solution as part of their dynamic risk assessment to help promote best practices and to assist with peace of mind.

What does a Man down Duress Alarm SafeTCard Lone and High risk Worker Solution include?

Every Man down Duress Alarm SafeTCard Solution includes the following:

  • Identicom lone worker device
  • 24/7 Monitoring via GSS Asset Management
  • SIM Card and Network Airtime
  • Solution training

Why protect lone workers?

Aside from the moral responsibility to individuals, every employer has a legal duty of care to make provision for staff in order to equip them to mitigate risk in the workplace. Not meeting duty of care can have serious implications for lone workers and their employers; for more information on this subject please see the ‘Duty of Care’ section of this website.