Safety First

Safety First - Lone Worker Monitoring...

Something we stress to our customers is that Identicom “SafeTCard” is a Lone Worker Device (LWD) first and foremost and is primarily designed to be implemented as a product to improve the safety of a mobile workforce.

The tracking of workers can be contentious, however with over 160 attacks on UK lone workers every single day *, the ability to locate an individual should the need arise offers considerable safety benefits alongside valuable business productivity benefits.

The t-Series Identicom range and Identicom Mobile both integrate with Identicom “SafeTCard” Mobile Workforce Management Platform due to their ability to store various user positions and enable the delivery of alerts to a manager when moving between geo-fences for example.

Putting the lone worker in control of when they need to be located (i.e. when they need assistance).   From a safety perspective the t-Series range gives a lone worker the most comprehensive protection.  The information provided and the scale of options concerning location data is designed to help a lone worker in distress to be found as quickly as possible.

Integration with the Mobile Workforce Management Platform provides an employer with a powerful management tool that allows an organisation to access a range of business benefits in order to ease the flow of operations and improve efficiencies.

The subject of tracking can be a sensitive issue to many workforces, that’s why our product range is diverse, enabling the most appropriate solution to be utilised by an organisation.  We recommend that any tracking of staff movement should be done within a structured and agreed lone worker policy on the basis of tangible benefits to the lone worker and the business.