Lone Worker Safety Training

Taking a step back from the specifics of Identicom, SafeTCard also provide a range of lone worker safety training and consultancy solutions.

Training and Consultancy Solutions help organisations fulfil their duty of care to staff and allow lone workers themselves to better manage conflict situations as they occur.

In a threatening situation are your colleagues’ words and body language saying the same things?

In a heated situation it is not just what we say –
it is how we say it that can make the difference.

Maybo SAFER™ training provides individuals with the understanding and skills to build positive relationships and defuse, prevent and learn from conflict.

SafeTCard Australia are very happy to announce our partnership with the Leaders and the most professional, Lone Worker Safety Training, Conflict Prevention, Resolution & Assault Avoidance and Disengagement Training (PI) Company in Australia

The SafeTCard lone worker safety device along with the training provided by our Partners MAYBO will give organisations, employees and individuals, the best Total Solution to deal with any potential situation they may face.

Please read below the Just some of the Training provided by MAYBO and contact SafeTCard Australia today so we can put you in touch with the professional Trainers at MAYBO today and take advantage of the corporate discounts available through SafeTCard Australia and our Corporate Alliance with MAYBO.

  • Conflict Prevention and Resolution
  • Specialist Training
  • Lone Worker Training
  • Assault Avoidance & Disengagement
  • Restrictive Physical Intervention
  • Conflict Prevention and Resolution Training
  • Conflict Management eLearning
  • Trainer Training
  • Lone Worker Risk Audits
Maybo training will help your colleagues identify and reduce conflict and risk and influence a safe and positive outcome in a difficult situation.

Maybo continues to be the benchmark for conflict management and personal safety training and over 3,000 frontline staff complete a Maybo training programme every month. Our programmes are written by subject experts in a team that has led the development of national qualifications and competency standards for frontline personnel, managers and trainers.

Learning outcomes

Learners will be better able to:

  • Recognise potential conflict flashpoints and risks in their work
  • Identify simple steps to prevent and reduce conflict and risk for all parties
  • Develop positive relationships and interactions
  • Defuse and resolve emotive situations
  • Respond professionally and enhance the quality and reputation of your service

We can include specific scenarios and case studies in our training designed entirely around the issues your staff face in their role. These could include:

  • Lone working and remote working
  • Dealing with difficult telephone calls
  • Delivering unwelcome news
  • Visiting people’s homes
  • Caring for people with dementia
  • Supporting people with intellectual disabilities
  • Working with children and young adults
  • Treating people with mental health or substance misuse issues

Leading the Way for Lone Worker Safety Training

Leading conflict management training company, Maybo is delighted to be working with Safe T Card (Personal Safety Solution) to create safer working environments for staff working alone or in higher risk environments.

The Maybo team is dedicated to supporting workers to avoid, reduce and manage conflict situations more confidently and safely. Our training methods focus on calming and defusing conflict and should physical contact occur our low arousal skill set enables staff to disengage, without the need to use force.

Many frontline staff frequently face challenging behaviours and for those who are isolated or work alone, the risks associated with managing conflict increase. Personal safety protection systems can provide such workers with a higher level of reassurance and give them confidence that they can call for help if needed. Coupled with tailored training to help them understand behaviours of others, increase awareness of the impact of their own actions and provide them with practical strategies to reduce the risks of conflict, staff feel more empowered to take control of managing their own personal safety more effectively.

Maybo’s conflict management, managing challenging behaviours, personal safety, lone worker safety and assault avoidance and disengagement courses give staff the knowledge and skills they need to manage the level of risk they face. We tailor the course content to meet learners’ needs and use realistic scenarios to increase realism and assist transfer of learning into the workplace.

We have designed and written our own conflict management and lone worker eLearning programmes to complement our training workshops. They offer a flexible, lower cost training option that can be particularly effective when blended with face to face learning, allowing more time for the training to be closely targeted to the type and level of risk staff encounter.


Identicom “SafeTCard” is able to create and deliver bespoke policy and training to your staff or to your customers on your behalf. The solutions are designed to provide education and comprehensive support on all aspects of lone worker protection – for the employer, the manager and the lone worker.

A well trained workforce will assess risks more effectively and have knowledge of how to reduce them where possible, thus improving their safety.

A better understanding of these issues at management level will also improve communication in order to better facilitate operations of front line staff, and reduce business risk.

Identicom “SafeTCard” training solutions are flexible and can be bespoke to an organisation, allowing a company to implement where most appropriate.  The company can assist in a number of ways: staff can be trained to deliver training to employees as part of your ongoing requirements, or Identicom “SafeTCard” can assist in the creation of an up to date lone worker policy.

An effective and up to date lone worker policy benefits everyone.

The benefits of good policy and training are wide reaching. A valued workforce is more efficient, less likely to suffer stress and will look to change employment less frequently.

Identicom “SafeTCard” lone worker safety training and consultancy solutions benefit the front-line lone worker, the lone worker manager and the wider organisation.

Not understanding the impact of lone worker safety and the financial implications to an organisation is extremely important, please consider:

  • The direct financial costs associated with absence through stress and injury resulting from frequent verbal abuse
  • A single attack or a man-down style scenario
  • Sick pay, temporary & replacement staffing, higher insurance premiums, missed deadlines, increased stress on existing staff and potential customer dissatisfaction.
  • The risk from corporate manslaughter legislation both corporately and to individuals at manager level and above in an organisation.
Organisations can reduce the risks faced through Training and Consultancy Solutions.  Contact SafeTCard today on 1300 SAFETCARD.